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Terms and Conditions 


Opening Statement 

Under these terms and conditions stated below I consent and accept that my vehicle is now the responsibility of Spanner Monkeyz Holdings Ltd until the work is completed and I give consent to Spanner Monkeyz Holding Ltd to carry out any work needed on my vehicle with the quote discussed after a diagnostic has been carried out.

I also accept that during the servicing process, issues may occur, parts may be delayed and there may be an overall extension on the work which will be informed directly from Spanner Monkeyz.

  1. Definitions 

“Spanner Monkeyz”

is defined as Spanner Monkeyz Holding Limited as a Company, employers and employees, including the mechanics, administrative team, customer service and so on. 


is defined as the person who is registered to the vehicle and requesting the service of repair. 


is defined as the quad bike, trike and motorcycle repair shop located in Unit 2, Broadway Trading Estate, Waterfall Lane, Cradley Heath, West Midlands, UK.


is defined as the quad bike, trike or motorcycle brought to Spanner Monkeyz by the customer for repair. 

“Parts and Products”

is defined as the items bought by various manufacturers for the use of the service of the vehicle.


is defined as the planned and quoted repair process by the mechanics of Spanner Monkeyz.


  1. Payment

I understand that my vehicle is now the responsibility of Spanner Monkeyz until the work is completed and I give consent to Spanner Monkeyz to carry out any work needed on my vehicle if I am happy with the quote discussed after a diagnostic has been carried out.

LABOUR CHARGES - Are set by the company every 6 month- labour charge will not change on started job. And quotes have a 30 day period and labour charge can change after this date.

Parts and Products 

Customers will be informed of part prices and whether it exceeds the price range of the original quote substantially. Customers will be informed of price differences in similar parts or products made by separate companies. 


Abortive Fees

Abortive fees will apply to customer cancellations during the service process. The charge will be 20% of the labour cost if not started and full cost of labour if labour has commenced. non-refundable parts and products purchased before or during the service will be charged in full


1. Duration 

The spanner monkeyz  team will always try to complete jobs within an orderly time span due to the niche market of the vehicle worked on parts and services and take much longer than those of other  Vehicle. Jobs in hand will commence as per a first come first serve service and in hand jobs will commence  when all parts  are available and position of vehicle with in the scheduling system.  some jobs can take up  12 months to complete this all depends on the lead on parts and availability.  As for custom builds lead time can be up to 24 months depending on spec and work required to complete the job.


  1. Ownership

Spanner Monkeyz will be liable for duty of care of the vehicle once in the premises of the Garage. Before drop off and after collection/delivery the liability and ownership will go directly back to the registered owner. 

If a service is cancelled, Spanner Monkeyz will maintain the duty of care until said owner comes for collection or is delivered back. 

After 48 hours after the completion date or cancellation, it is agreed to pay a fee of £14.99 per day storage fee. It is agreed that if not collected within three months of the completion date. The vehicle will be declared abandoned and under the ownership of Spanner Monkeyz.

Suppose the vehicle is requested back to the owner. In that case, Spanner Monkeys will apply charges if the vehicle is retrieved after the three-month period, including 50% of the vehicle's value and the storage fee. 

All parts purchased for the service of the vehicle will be under the ownership of the customer and thus charged to the customer. This includes parts purchased before or during a cancelled service. 

1. communication

The Spanner Monkeyz team will update customers periodically  if updates are available. our communication and contact platform is via our- Telephone line  01214000402 or via email.  Customer can also contact us via our website or social media. Due to the load of work Spanner Monekyz might not be able to take calls during busy periods or for reasons out of our control. Therefor customers can contact on the other  communication  platforms provided or wait for an update if available.


  1. Party Agreement and Responsibility 

Spanner Monkeyz Agreement and Responsibility 

Once work has been agreed upon and commenced, the responsibility of the vehicle will be under Spanner Monkeyz. Any damages and destruction to the vehicle due to the service will be under the responsibility of Spanner Monkeyz to fix and will not be charged. If the vehicle is beyond repair or problems accrue after the service is completed, please see the information under Guarantees and Warranties.

Spanner Monkeyz will be responsible for informing the customer of any changes, new circumstances or overall updates on the original service plan and quotation.  All charges will be clearly stated and informed and payments received will be acknowledged with a receipt. 

Spanner Monkeyz will have a right to refuse service for customers who are unwilling to cooperate, are deemed difficult or have had difficulties in past service jobs. 


Customer Agreement and Responsibility  

As agreed, the customer has the responsibility to be professional and cooperative in the service of the vehicle. All outstanding payments must be made before collection, any arrangements for drop off must be informed and cancellation must be addressed immediately. 

Bookings and meetings must be attended and failure to attend must be informed 24 hours before. 

Spanner Monkeyz has a no tolerance policy on harassment, sexual, physical or verbal abuse and any behaviour that can be deemed as difficult, hostile or distressing. Phone calls and person-to-person discussions shall always be in a respectful manner. Spanner Monkeyz may choose to refuse service or cancel service early if the customer does not abide by these rules and charges may apply. 


Third-Party Responsibilities 

Any third-party involvement of the service and vehicle must be informed by both parties and under their care shall they be responsible for the vehicle. Any damages or destruction to the vehicle will be charged by the third party, if not the customer or Spanner Monkeyz depending on the circumstance. Under no circumstance will the vehicle be left with a third party without the consent of both parties. 

  1. Guarantees and Warranties


Spanner Monkeyz guarantees that if any problems occur 24 hours after delivery or collection must be reported and will be brought into service again within 14 days.  

Warranty for Parts and Products 

As per the manufacturer's warranty policy.

Warranty for Service

Any issues to arise upon receiving the vehicle must be reported within 24 hours and any issues received in 30 days will be internally investigated first and an external second opinion given to a company of the customer's approval. 

Custom Vehicles

In the case a custom vehicle is purchased from Spanner Monkeyz we will offer a 30 day warranty  unless stated as not included customer must inspect vehicle and test vehicle prior to hand over.  Refers to all CUSTOM/ OFF ROAD CAPABLE VEHICLES

  1. Delivery and Collection

As agreed, once the work on my vehicle is completed, the vehicle either collects within 2 days or arranges a collection with a third-party company to do so. Charges for delayed collection or delivery will apply as mentioned under Ownership. Deliveries and Recoveries may be available and will be charged depending on distance and mileage. 

  1. Complaints and Disputes 

Complaints will be addressed to the customer service team and will be responded to as soon as possible. Disputes in the service will be processed as discussed under Guarantees and Warranties. 

Complaints during the service will be taken with caution and consideration and the Spanner Monkeyz will assess and reply in a fair and just way. 

  1. Notice

The customer will be informed of the completion date of the service and if there are any extensions to said date. Once the vehicle is serviced, the customer will receive a call informing them and to schedule a collection or delivery of the vehicle in the following 48 hours. 

  1. Legal Terms 

Spanner Monkeyz is protected under the Companies Act of 2006.

The Customer is protected under the Consumers Rights Act 2015.


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